“For years, I’d wanted to learn to play the ukulele, but was always too intimated to start something I was so unfamiliar with. My first lesson with Pamela was amazing. She lead our lesson in a way where I felt confident from the get-go; she helped me make small successes from the beginning so I was encouraged instead of feeling frustrated. By the end of the first lesson, I was able to play all the chords for an actual song. I was not expecting that – I thought I’d learn a few chords, nothing major. But to walk away from the first lesson with the beginnings of a song under my belt was so fun! I’ve looked forward to each lesson since then as I know Pamela will always have something new and fun for me to learn and practice. She lets me choose the songs I want to work on, which helps me to be very excited to practice and learn the songs I’m excited about. She breaks everything down so nothing is overwhelming and slows down when I don’t understand something. I have had a terrific experience so far taking lessons from Pamela and would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn or get better at the ‘ukulele.”

-Lindsay Hughes

“As a professional session vocalist for artists such as Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin, George Benson and others,  as well many TV and radio ad campaigns, I began to experience severe vocal fatigue and came to Pamela Polland for vocal coaching. The results were so amazing that when my music group, (produced by Narada Michael Walden), needed vocal coaching, Narada hired Pamela to get everyone in great vocal shape. Decades later, I continue to rely on her exercises and vocal techniques, and  I give her a five star recommendation for anyone working in the industry as well as beginners just starting out.”

-Session Vocalist Jennifer Hall-Newell 

“Pamela’s vocal instructions gave me just the vocal tools and skills I was looking for. I call her technique “the yoga of singing”, because it helps me create the needed body and mind connection to my instrument, my voice.”

-Mara Sand, Singing Circle Host and member of all womenʻs band in Canada